Antarctic Cruises and Packages

  • from $16400


    Antarctic Solar Eclipse Cruise 2021

    A cosmic wonder in a polar wonderland

  • from $14995


    Classic Antarctica Air-Cruise

    The program includes flying to and from Antarctica by air and cruising by ship along the Antarctic Peninsula.

  • from $5695


    Antarctic Express Air-Cruise

    On this 6-day trip you will cross the mythical waters of the Drake Passage to King George Island in the South Shetlands. Explore Antarctica before your return flight to Punta Arenas, Chile.

  • from $17495


    Polar Circle Air-Cruise

    The Polar Circle program includes flights between Punta Arenas and King George Island and a 7-night cruise of the Antarctic Peninsula with a visit to the South Shetland Islands.

  • from $9990


    Falkland Islands and South Georgia Small Ship Expedition

    A rich Falkland Islands and South Georgia wilderness experience on board the Magellan Explorer Antarctic cruise ship.

  • from $8950


    Classic Antarctica Expedition Cruise including Deception Island

    This Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands cruise delivers you into a landscape of dark rugged rock, pure white snow, and a fantastic variety of wildlife.

  • from $9650


    Antarctic Peninsula - Basecamp Plancius

    Basecamp activities include: overnight camping, kayaking, mountaineering, snowshoeing, hiking, and photo workshops.

  • from $9650


    Polar Circle - Antarctic Peninsula Expedition

    This cruise passes through waters traveled by Humpback, Minke and Fin whales. The expedition offers the chance to hike, kayak, and dive in the iceberg-heavy waters.

  • from $9650


    Antarctic Peninsula - Basecamp Ortelius Expedition

    The Basecamp Ortelius Antarctic Peninsula Expedition cruise offers you a variety of ways to explore and enjoy the Antarctic Region.

  • from $13200


    Weddell Sea Antarctica - In Search of the Emperor Penguin with Helicopters

    An 11-day cruise aboard the M/V Ortelius to Antarctica's Weddell Sea. Helicopters will be used for excursions.

  • from $32750


    Ross Sea With Helicopters

    Westbound - Ushuaia to New Zealand. Sail to the southern parts of the Antarctic Peninsula, Peter I Island, the Bellingshausen and Amundsen Seas into the Ross Sea.

  • from $9850


    Antarctic Explorer's Voyage

    Explore areas that have rarely if ever been offered by any other Antarctic cruise operator.

  • from $10450


    Antarctica Whale Watching Cruise

    Polar Circle and Antarctic Peninsula cruise that passes through waters traveled by Humpback, Minke and Fin whales.

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