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Why Cuba?

"Because you can, now.

Cuba has long been popular with tourists from other countries. Now Americans can openly travel here and experience Cuban life and culture, cuisine, music and dance. Havana was an epicenter of world society in the first half of the 20th-century with casinos, nightclubs, celebrities and gangsters.

Travel to Cuba and step back in time in Old Havana, relax on Varadero Beach or stroll Playa Ancón, walk the streets of Trinidad and Cienfuegos, stay at a family-run 'casa particular', eat your way through Havana, explore the nature of Cuban national parks and nature reserves, walk in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway."  

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You know the legends: rum and cigars, son and mambo, Hemingway and Fidel. Now experience Cuba’s stunning reality for yourself.

For decades, Cuba was a no-go zone for American travelers. Not anymore. Starting in 2014, it became possible for U.S. citizens to visit this near-mythical island. What they’ve found there are salsa rhythms and classic cars, yes, but also Spanish forts, crocodile-infested swamps, and rugged mountains thick with revolutionary history.

Cuba packs a tremendous amount into its Tennessee-sized landmass. From the turtle-spawning beaches of Guanahacabibes in the west to Afro-Cuban dancing in Santiago in the east, from revolutionary museums in the cities to vast sugar plantations in the interior, the island’s cultural richness is staggering.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll find in the country locals call “El Caimán”:

  •  Old Havana deserves every bit of the romance that surrounds it. Colonial architecture, atmospheric old bars, a wave-washed seawall: this UNESCO World Heritage site has charisma to burn.
  •  Up for a plunge? Scuba diving in Cuba is second to none. Spots like Punta Francés and Cayo Piedra are magical and underwater-photogenic.
  •  Parque Nacional Viñales is tobacco country. Even if you’ve never fired up a stogie, you’ll be captivated by its limestone hills and bright green fields as you bike through its lush valley.
  •  Trinidad is the sugar town that time forgot. Colonial churches and palatial homes take you back centuries in this enchanting outdoor museum.
  •  It seems impossible, but Cuba’s beaches really are as lovely as the photos. From Varadero in the north to Cayo Largo in the south, their powdery white sands and baby-blue waters are downright heavenly.

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