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With its massive barrier reef and pristine jungle, Honduras is a land just waiting to be explored.

Central America’s least-visited destination has a case of bad PR. For a decade, nasty crime stats scared away visitors to this stunning tropical nation—even though gang violence never came close to touching the tourist areas. Now Honduras is on the upswing, with improved security and a still-low tourist turnout—meaning you’ll have its exotic treasures all to yourself.

Those treasures are nothing if not diverse. They include bio-reserves for trekking and mysterious ruins for Indiana Jones-style archaeological exploring, plus sumptuous stretches of Caribbean coastline for diving, rafting, and snorkeling.

Here are just a few of the adventures that await in this still-undiscovered gem:

  •  Looking to get your beach on? The coral islands of Utila and Roatán offer sparkling sands and waters of purest turquoise. After the sun dips beneath the waves, the nightly party commences.
  •  What caused Copán, the great Mayan city near the Guatemalan border, to collapse? Scholars are still debating, but the answer might lie in the hieroglyphs of its huge temple stairway—the longest Maya inscription known to exist.
  •  Why do adrenaline junkies come to Río Cangrejal? Whitewater rafting on Class III rapids is one reason. But for tamer souls, swimming and horseback riding here are unparalleled.
  •  The Moskitia is one of the hemisphere’s last frontiers. Made up of untamed jungle and savannah, it’s a Central American Amazon full of jaguars and manatees, as well as hundreds of species of birds.

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