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Why Costa Rica?

"Being born in a country with so much diversity in such small place, makes you want to share it with the world. Beaches, volcanoes, mountains, flora, fauna, and cultures; everything within few miles between each other.

Relaxation and adventure are everywhere you go. The people are simple but delightful and the food, absolutely luscious!

It is the perfect destination for any occasion, any time of the year. Why not to visit and check out all the natural luxuries I grew up in?"

The Gilded Iguana Surf Hotel - Nosara, Costa Rica

Hotel Rio Perdido - Guanacaste, Costa Rica


Ariana Arce Travel Consultant


Smoking volcanoes, humid cloud forests, sugar-white beaches. This is Costa Rica.

Long one of the most peaceful and prosperous of Latin America’s countries, today it’s a paradise for expat retirees, Quaker pacifists, and worshippers of nature’s beauty from just about everywhere on the planet.

Costa Rica packs tremendous eco-diversity into a very small space. When you go, the naturalist in you will thrill to see lush jungle and sandy coast just a short bus ride from each other. Jaguars, poison dart frogs, and scarlet macaws skitter through the brush, and each step takes you deeper into a biosphere estimated to hold some 6 percent of the world’s plant and animal species.

Here are some of the many options to choose from as we help you plan your Costa Rican adventure:

  •  Monteverde, a protected cloud forest of 26,000 acres, is home to the resplendent quetzal, one of the most gorgeous birds on the planet. A zip-line tour takes you up close to meet him.
  •  The Damas Island estuary is a full-fledged mangrove swamp. Paddling through in a canoe is the best way to experience its many marvels.
  •  On the beach at Tortuguero National Park, hordes of sea turtles come ashore at night to lay their eggs. Be present for this astonishing natural miracle.
  •  Ready for an adrenaline high? The Pacuare River has Class III and IV rapids, set against a rainforest backdrop that towers over you with its primeval green.


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"Top Notch company"

Our 25th Anniversary trip to Costa Rica was spectacular.  I was picked up on time, the personal guide was very professional, courteous and a person one feels very comfortable with.  My travel company provided excellent service and was attentive to my specific needs.  They responded to emails promptly and made the appropriate adjustments when asked.  Top notch company; I look forward to booking them again in the near future.

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