Ocean Endeavour

The Ocean Endeavour is a small, well-appointed expedition ship that allows you to explore the world’s most remote regions whilst enjoying the class and comfort of a boutique hotel.

With her ice-strengthened hull and advanced navigation equipment, the recently renovated Ocean Endeavour is ideally suited for expedition cruising to Antarctica.

The expansive decks and outdoor spaces provide opportunities to view the magnificent scenery. There are numerous interior and exterior areas, where you can enjoy the company of your fellow travellers or experience Antarctica in quiet solitude.

Ocean Endeavour Antarctica Cruise

The Ocean Endeavour offers an unrivalled sense of space and onboard activities including: spa facilities, yoga classes, sauna, hot tub, salt water pool and gym.

We think the Ocean Endeavour is the ultimate expedition cruising ship. Strong and stable, with plenty of creature comforts, we’re sure you will feel at home.

Ocean Endeavour Antarctica Pool Deck

Offering a huge range of activities both on and off the ship makes her versatile and appealing to clients of all ages and budgets.

  • Ocean Endeavour Features:
  • Ocean Endeavour Antarctica Falkland Islands Discovery

  • The best guide to passenger ratio in Antarctica (1:8).
  • Dedicated forward facing photography Zodiacs designed for maximum comfort and uninterrupted views.
  • A large Zodiac fleet offers opportunities to take excursions from the ship to explore local bays, channels and landing sites.
  • Onboard activities including spa facilities, yoga classes, sauna, hot tub, heated salt water pool and gym.
  • A range of onboard amenities from an expedition lounge and library to restaurants and bar.
  • A variety of educational lectures on the history, geology and ecology by the expedition team.
  • All cruises are carbon offset/no single use plastics on board.
  • Dedicated single occupancy cabins with no single surcharges.
  • Ocean Endeavour Facilities:
  • Ocean Endeavour Antarctica Gym

  • Meridian Club
    Top-deck lounge with panoramic windows and easy access to the outdoor observation platform. Often used for yoga and stretching classes, tabletop games, and small-group workshops.

  • Nautilus Lounge
    Primary meeting room, presentation space, and concert venue. Equipped with full bar, stage, multiple TV monitors, and enough seating for all aboard.

  • Aurora Lounge
    Intimate presentation space for film screenings, lectures, and small functions.

  • Compass Club
    Onboard library provides a quiet space to relax, with 24-hour coffee/tea station and comfortable seating.

  • Polaris Restaurant
    Open-seating dining room with three meals served daily.

  • Mud Room
    Expedition preparation room with personal cubby storage for all guests. Rubber boots and lifejackets are available here, and wet gear may be stored as needed.

  • Gym
    24-hour workout space with stationary bikes, rowing machine, and hydraulic resistance machines.

  • Sauna
    Relaxation space with female, male, and co-ed sauna dry-saunas available.

  • Pool Deck
    Outdoor space with available seating and heated salt-water pool. Available based on sea conditions.

  • Hot Tub
    Salt-water relaxation tub with panoramic views. Available based on sea conditions.

  • Additional Facilities
    Panoramic observation platform, wifi in certain public areas, laundry, elevator (decks 3–6), 24 hr tea & coffee, medical clinic, smoking area and shop for souvenirs, clothing and essentials.

Ocean Endeavour Itineraries:

Falkland Islands Discovery - 10 Days

Ocean Endeavour - Falkland Islands Discovery

Join us on this 10-day voyage aboard the well-appointed Ocean Endeavour, to discover the beautiful Falkland Islands that lie off the eastern coast of southern South America, one of the best wildlife viewing destinations in the world and a paradise for photographers.

The Falklands archipelago consists of 2 main islands, East and West Island that are alive with an abundance of wildlife including a proliferation of birdlife. Be entertained by the 5 species of penguins from macaroni to king, rockhopper, magellanic and gentoo. Stand in awe amongst the vast colonies of fur seals and look out for striated caracara, Cobb’s wren and black-browed albatross.

The wildlife is set against a backdrop of spectacular and wildly rugged scenery that you explore on foot, by kayak and by Zodiac. As you sail from Buenos Aires to the Falklands and then on to Ushuaia, enjoy the great amenities of the Ocean Endeavour.

Falkland Islands & Antarctic Peninsula Discovery -19 Days

Ocean Endeavour - Falkland Islands & Antarctic Peninsula Discovery

Set sail aboard the magnificent Ocean Endeavour for voyage to discover the incredible wildlife and awe-inspiring scenery of the Falkland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.

The Falkland Islands are home to a proliferation of birdlife and a vast array of other wildlife, boasting an intriguing and often controversial history.

Before plunging into the unspoiled Antarctic wilderness, spend a day in Ushuaia to explore the beautiful Tierra del Fuego National Park at the southern tip of South America. Next stop Antarctica, where you will be immersed in a world of snow, ice, glaciers, icebergs, penguins, seals and whales. This will be a voyage like no other.

Discover Antarctica - 11 Days

Ocean Endeavour - Discover Antarctica

Enter a spellbinding world of snow and ice as you voyage to Antarctica, the world’s final frontier, that has lured intrepid explorers for centuries and now draws travellers with a taste for adventure.

Set sail aboard the comfortable, spacious and well-appointed Ocean Endeavour for this exclusive 11-day voyage to the White Continent. Stark, hauntingly beautiful, surreal, breathtaking – words cannot adequately describe the world that you are about to enter.

This is a true ice wilderness, one where you will be surrounded by penguins, seals, whales and seabirds, set against a backdrop of towering, sculpted icebergs, snow-capped peaks, imposing glaciers and ice-choked waters. The wildlife viewing is unparalleled, as is the majestic scenery.

Journey to the Circle - 14 Days

Ocean Endeavour - Journey to the Circle

Follow in the wake of Captain Cook as we attempt to cross the fabled Antarctic Circle, latitude 66° 33’S, on this 14-day Journey to the Circle, home to the midnight sun and shifting ice.

Setting sail aboard the well-appointed Ocean Endeavour, we leave Ushuaia and civilisation behind and head towards the hauntingly beautiful icy wilderness of Antarctica.

The scenery is nothing but dramatic as we sail amongst immense ice carvings, majestic mountains shrouded in snow, calving glaciers and through ice-choked waterways. Discover the wildlife and history of the Antarctic Peninsula by Zodiac cruises, shore landings, hikes and kayaking.

We visit vast penguin and seal colonies and scan the waters in search of orcas and leopard seals on the hunt, and seabirds soaring above.

Antarctic Whale Journey - 10 Days

Ocean Endeavour - Antarctic Whale Journey

Join us aboard the magnificent Ocean Endeavour on this 10-day Antarctic whale journey, as we set sail from Ushuaia, destination Antarctica, in search of whales – the giants and rulers of the Southern Ocean.

As we enter the frozen wilderness of the White Continent, amazing, sculptured icebergs, thunderous calving glaciers, imposing mountain ranges and ice-strewn waters, all lie in wait.

Explore on foot, by kayak and Zodiac. Sailing and cruising by Zodiac, we scan the icy waters for the silhouettes of these mighty marine mammals as they glide alongside the vessels or surface the waters in a spectacular breach.

Can you imagine the thrill and excitement of kayaking alongside one of these majestic creatures? Not forgetting encounters with curious penguins, basking seals and many fascinating seabirds. This is the trip of a lifetime for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers alike.


Ocean Endeavour Cabins:

There are a selection of cabins to meet a variety of budgets, and single and solo travelers can take advantage of no single supplement.

Ocean Endeavour Cabins
Ocean Endeavour Cabins
Ocean Endeavour Cabins
Ocean Endeavour Cabins
Ocean Endeavour Cabins
Ocean Endeavour Cabins
Ocean Endeavour Cabins


Ocean Endeavour Deckplan:

Ocean Endeavour Deckplan

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