M/V Hondius

M/V Hondius

Hondius will be the first vessel to be built to class “LR PC6”, meeting the latest and highest demands of Lloyd’s Register for “Polar Class 6” vessels, the highest Polar Class notation for ice-strengthened vessels. The vessel will also fully comply with the mandatory requirements of the Polar code, adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), for safe ship operation and the protection of the Polar environment.

Hondius will be the strongest ice-strengthened vessel in the Polar Regions and will be equipped with stabilizers, and very suitable for advanced, innovative exploratory quality voyages in the Arctic and Antarctic Regions.


Hondius offers deluxe accommodations for a total of 176 passengers.

1 spacious Hondius suite (cabin size 35 m2)

6 grand suites with balcony (cabin size: 27 m2)

8 junior suites (cabin size: 19 to 20 m2)

8 superior cabins, (cabin size: 20 to 21 m2)

11 twin deluxe cabins, (cabin size: 19 to 21 m2)

14 twin window cabins (cabin sizes: 12 to 14 m2)

29 twin porthole cabins

2 triple porthole cabins

4 quadruple porthole cabins (the porthole cabin sizes vary from 12 to 18 m2)

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Memorize your passport number, as you will likely be asked for it on numerous occasions throughout your adventure.
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