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Ecuador and Galapagos, October 2016

The trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos was spectacular. The experience in the country of Ecuador was memorable and challenging. The trip to the Galapagos went extremely well. The service in Quito and aboard the Eclipse was exceptional. The care and service on the boat were exemplary. Our travel agency was very attentive and professional in all communications. Your attention and consideration are appreciated.

Peru, September 2016

Everything was perfect! They are amazing! Accommodations were unbelievable, local travel agency and guides were top notch. So on top of things, all connections went so smoothly. We loved all the hotels. Pool made everything even more special. The sights and weather was spectacular. Truly an incredible trip

Peru and Argentina, August 2016

This travel agency has provided a fantastic 5 star service and executed everything throughout my trip with perfection. My agent has provided his personal tips on where to go and what to avoid (due to seasonality) and he took in all the criteria I set for my lengthy trip and delivered a well thought out itinerary. He has always been available - during the lead up to the trip as well as throughout the trip itself and it is clear he is a professional in his field with vast experience. I highly recommend this agency to anyone looking for fantastic reliable service and a personalized trip.

Peru. July 2016

I'd like to thank you personally for working with us to put together the Pace trip to Peru. Everything went very smoothly. Our colleague Helen, the most senior of our trip participants, required considerable assistance from the drivers and both guides. Everyone was so kind and graciously helped her however possible. All in all, it was a successful and remarkably uneventful (in a good way!) trip. We appreciate how you and your staff worked with us to pin down all the details to ensure a pleasant and interesting travel experience for our group.

Peru, June 2016

LWA has helped plan two monthlong trips for my wife and me, one to Argentina and one last month to Peru. Both times we have been very, very pleased. Andrew is both helpful and patient at the planning stage, and virtually without exception the accommodations and local guides he arranges are excellent. I recommend LWA without reservation.

Peru, May 2016

What a great trip! The four of us have some great memories that will last us a lifetime. A special thanks to our tour guide, Fidel. His thorough knowledge, infectious spirit and genuine enthusiasm for this unique part of the World really made the trip very special. He could enlighten us on even our most oblique questions and brought the history and culture to life with great descriptions and anecdotes. In addition to the super professionalism of Fidel, the entire trip was organized with Swiss-like precision, great accommodations and very competent team members. Hats off to the entire group. Over 50 years my preconception of what it would be like to literally be in the midst of its [Machu Picchu's} ruins had grown to an unrealistic expectation that I feared could not be met. But I was wrong. The setting was awe inspiring with panoramic hikes including the physically challenging Huayna Picchu peak, as well as the Sun Gate and the Inca Bridge. Cusco was also an unexpected surprise. Our timing was perfect coinciding with the Festival of Corpus Christi. What color, pageantry and energy! Such fun. What a great old vibrant historic city!

South America Tour, April 2016

This trip was absolutely remarkable and would not have changed a thing. The travel company always responded to my questions and desires. We had private tours and drivers and all were there as scheduled. When you get off a plane and have never traveled in that country it is always a relief to have someone there to direct you. We had 9 flights in our itinerary and all were coordinated with our other scheduled activities perfectly. The Galapagos cruise ship was wonderful. Also traveling to Machu Picchu and Galapagos at the first part of April was wonderful.. Weather was beautiful and the crowds were low.

Belize, March 2016

It was truly a great vacation. Everything worked out just as planned. All transfers were there, all accommodations were confirmed. Absolutely nothing went wrong.Chaa Creek was great. The thing is they have the best staff of any resort I have been to and I have been to quite a few all over the world and they definitely have it dialed in. They take care of everything and make it look easy. One thing they don't play up enough is that the food they put out in that little restaurant is really high end restaurant quality. You are getting a great deal if you are on the meal plan. Most all inclusive meal plans usually underperform on the food. Not Chaa Creek. Thanks for helping us to plan out 2016 trip to Belize. We enjoyed it immensely.

Argentina, Feb 2016

Our travel agency set up an amazing trip to Argentina. We had 5 in country flights and each time our guide came into the terminal to get our boarding passes and check our luggage. They were always on time, friendly, informative and efficient. I'm still glowing every time I talk about the trip and how amazing it was. Thanks in large part to you and your company. Being so far from home, it was so comforting to have the level of friendly,competent ,efficient service your company provided.

Costa Rica, January 2016

Thanking you for the "once again" fantastic planning on our Costa Rica trip. All locations/hotels were different and we enjoyed everything! A special thank you for the lunch overlooking the waterfall at Lapa Rios! That was so fun --- we thoroughly enjoyed our private lunch and appreciate you thinking of us. We are really impressed with the country, its lovely people, food and all that we experienced. We did many treks in the rain and cloud forests, went on both early morning & late afternoon bird watching, evening walks, etc. Everything went smoothly... the drivers were where they were suppose to be, the hotels were more than accommodating, the food was fantastic, people were warm and welcoming. And I am soooooo glad we had private drivers-- We would have gone nuts driving those roads!
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