December Panama Canal Catamaran Cruise

Valid Until: Friday, December 20, 2019

The Jewels of the Pacific Ocean and the Panama Canal Cruise

December 27-30, 2019

A 4-day trip on the M/V Discovery: Panama City, Contadora Island, the Darien Jungle and the Panama Canal.

A journey on the Discovery is a feast of intense, sensory experiences: the aroma of remote places, the texture of unknown things, the multi-color tapestry of nature, the accent of unheard languages, and the exquisite flavor of what has never before been tasted.

The Jewels of the Pacific Ocean and the Panama Canal Cruise

A crew of ten has been carefully selected and trained to ensure a perfect journey for the 24 exclusive passengers of the Discovery.

Inside the cozy, spacious cabins and lounges, the magic of night melts imperceptibly with the fabulous sunrises at amazing places that offer their purest charms at dawn ready for a day of excursion.

From its decks, everything looks close, vivid, amazing, moving and... simply unforgettable!

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Valid Until:Friday, December 20, 2019

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