XO Art House , Peru

X.O Art House is a unique accommodation experience in Cusco.

Surround yourself with modern Cusqueñan art in Casona-style guest rooms.

We are pleased to introduce our new Mountain Lodges of Peru signature property located in San Blas, Cusco’s flourishing arts quarter, with charming views of the city’s picturesque streets and surrounding landscapes.

X.O Art House

A new concept in lodging, the property is housed in a converted casona, a large traditionally-designed home from the Spanish colonial era that offers seven independent guest rooms ranging in size from single accommodations to deluxe junior suites.

In collaboration with ten notable contemporary Cusquenan artists from the arts collective TOTEMIQ , each room has been decorated to showcase their works while offering luxurious accommodations, top-notch amenities, and exceptional personalized service. Ideal for both independent travelers and groups.


X.O Art House Rooms


X.O Art House Rooms

Superior Deluxe



XO Art House

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