Casa Turquesa

Casa Turquesa , Brazil

Casa Turquesa is nested in the most quiet side of Paraty’s historic center, overlooking the docks.

It is a guesthouse in the truest sense of the word. That the house has only nine suites ensures an ambiance of warmth and intimacy.

Opened in 2008, the hotel occupies a restored historic mansion that faithfully recreates the 18th-century façade of the original building destroyed in a fire thirty years ago. Both the restoration and the decoration were overseen by Renato Tavolaro who is a specialist in colonial Brazilian architecture.

Wide windows and sweeping balconies capture scenes that make Paraty one of the most charming cities in Brazil: the traditional tiled roofs of the colonial mansions, the mountains surrounding the Santa Rita Church, built in 1722, and the shimmering green water of the exuberant Paraty Bay and its beautiful islands. The typical charm of the period’s architecture is complemented by all the comforts expected of a contemporary hotel: Egyptian cotton sheets, wi-fi throughout the premises and pampering à la Casa Turquesa, including personalized Havaianas flip-flops that guests receive as a gift so they feel more at home from the moment they arrive.

Selected Suites:

Casa Turquesa Brazil

The Yellow Suite

Orchids in a small patio predominate the view from the windows of the Yellow Suite. An original stone wall from the 18th century that sets off the wooden rafters is the highlight of the room (similar to the Pink Suite). Decorated with the pleasant parrots of artist and botanist Margaret Mee in green and yellow.

Casa Turquesa Brazil

The Brown Suite

The colorful parakeets and macaws painted by artist and botanist Margaret Mee are the highlight of this suite’s decoration. There is a spacious bathroom, separate closet, comfortable armchairs at the foot of the bed and a chaise longue at the window. The windows look out to the courtyard and to the rest of the hotel, with the surrounding mountains complementing the view.

Casa Turquesa Brazil

The Pink Suite

The windows look out onto the tiled rooftops of Paraty’s historic houses. An original stone wall from the 18th century that sets off the wooden rafters is the highlight of the room. Rounding off the décor are unique pieces embroidered by the local Sono Beach Embroidery Group, pink armchairs and lamp positioned for you to sit back and enjoy a book.

Casa Turquesa Brazil

The Green Suite

This is the perfect choice for families or groups of friends looking for some privacy. The large suite has two separate areas, each with its own bathroom. The village view shows you the typical tiled rooftops of Paraty. Two antique leather chairs add charm to the suite, which is decorated with one-of-a-kind embroidered artwork made by the local Sono Beach Embroidery Group.



Casa Turquesa

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