Mamiraua Uacari Lodge , Brazil

Started in 1998, Uacari is managed by shared management among Mamirauá Institute and the communities from Mamiraua Reserve.

Eight communities from the reserve act managing the Lodge, the employees, the contractors and the salespeople. Uacari Lodge’s operation is a performance line of Mamirauá Institute’s community-based tourism program.

The facilities are sustainable. The energy comes form the sun. The rain is collected and kept. The effluents are treated before coming back to the river.

Mamiraua Uacari Lodge was designed for minimum environmental impact, with appropriate technologies such as rainwater collection, solar power for lighting and water heating, tiles made from recycled plastic pet bottles and a sewage filtration system.

Mamiraua Uacari Lodge Amazon - Brazil

Uacari Lodge floats peacefully and consists of 5 bungalows with two rooms and two bathrooms in each bungalow. Each room has a porch with a view of the river and the forest. In total, there are 10 rooms with the capacity of 20 guests. The Lodge has a central floating area with a small deck, a kitchen, a restaurant, a bar, a video room and a library.

Uacari Lodge’s menu matches Brazilian and regional food. There is seasonal fresh fruit, beiju, homemade bread, juice, coffee and milk. The typical Brazilian rice and beans are delicious as well as the salad and one or two vegeterian dish for lunch and dinner.

After the meals, it’s good to taste a delicious dessert, made with typical Amazon fruit. Observe and try some fruit such as açai and cupuaçu. They aren’t available all months. You can also find sapodilla fruit, camu camu, araza, pineapple and passionfruit.

Mamiraua Uacari Lodge Rooms:

Mamiraua Uacari Lodge Rooms



Mamiraua Uacari Lodge

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