La Casona Boutique Hotel , Bolivia

You'll find detail, service and comfort at the La Casona Boutique Hotel.

After eight years of restoration, the hotel is now equipped with modern hotel amenities to provide the greatest comfort to guests.

Located in the historical center of the city of La Paz, close to the main tourist attractions, La Casona Boutique Hotel has been declared by the local authorities as an architectural and urban heritage site for its original colonial architecture dating from the 17th century.

Built in the 17th century, La Casona Boutique Hotel is a building that constitutes an architectural legacy of colonial style. It is linked to the franciscan order, who built the convent and the lower basilica of San Francisco - and it was established that during the colonial peroid the franciscan order was the owner of the surrounding lands.

Those who visit La Casona will have the sensation of going back in time by visiting its different environments: stone patios, terraces, bell towers, and stables. The bell tower and its viewpoints have been cleverly adapted so that the visitor can have an unforgettable experience. La Casona is located near the main attractions of the city of La Paz and you can also participate in all the cultural and social aspects of the city.


La Casona Boutique Hotel

Single Room

La Casona Boutique Hotel

Double Room

La Casona Boutique Hotel

Triple Room

La Casona Boutique Hotel

Presidential Suite



La Casona Boutique Hotel

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