Parador Santa Maria la Real , Bolivia

Don't only visit Sucre, live it!

The colonial past, history and art in the Parador Santa Maria la Real make it a singular hotel that awakens your senses.

It is situated in a stately 18th century mansion which was rescued and redone completely conserving all the architectural details.

The building where part of the Hotel Parador Santa Maria la Real is housed was built in the second half of the 18th century. The hotel itself was built around some of the rooms and the orchard of the Real Audiencia de la Plata palace, the main judicial and administrative authority in this part of the Spanish Empire in America

The original architecture of the building, with all of its 19th century details, was preserved during the rehabilitation of the old building. The architectural details were meticulously restored and adapted with modern technology to the needs of a 5 star hotel to provide maximum comfort for our guests.


Furnishings and decoration express the way of life of a certain era, the influence of social conditions, tastes and customs and the level of well-being and prosperity of each place and time.

Even though Bolivian society was thousands of kilometers away from European cultural centers, thanks to the wealth provided by Bolivia’s silver mines in the late 19th century, Sucre took part in the movements and styles of the times. In order to rescue, preserve and give value to these elements, the Parador Santa Maria la Real has obtained a great number of antiques and has adapted and reconditioned them to modern levels of comfort, in order to give each of the rooms a certain personality.

Selected Rooms and Suites:

Parador Santa Maria la Real

Classic Double Twin

Parador Santa Maria la Real

Classic Matrimonial

Parador Santa Maria la Real

Junior Suite

Parador Santa Maria la Real

Master Suite



Parador Santa Maria la Real

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