Cayo Espanto

Cayo Espanto , Belize

Cayo Espanto is a luxurious Caribbean private island resort in Belize.

Discover your own private island at Cayo Espanto, Belize, where paradise and luxury come together as one. This five-star, world class resort offers travelers the best life has to offer.

We invite you to spend your evenings enchanted and your days engulfed in the Caribbean waters that surround each private villa. Located three miles off the coast of San Pedro, Belize, Cayo Espanto is truly an unforgettable private island retreat.


As a landmass, there isn’t much to Cayo. A sandy path winds through a forest of palms down the center of the 4-acre island, branching off to each breezy, mahogany detailed villa, which is screened from its neighbors by silver-trunked black mangrove trees. The focus is on the spectacular villas. And their focus is on the outside world of turquoise and royal blue.

The island rises just a foot or two above the surrounding waters, which are the favorite haunt of bonefish. The elusive speedsters are sport fishing’s most prized catch, and Cayo Espanto, Spirit Island, could be named for these silver ghosts of the flats.

When you arrive at Cayo Espanto, your only worry will be where to relax first: in the plunge pool, at the water’s edge, or on the twin lounge chairs at the end of your very own dock. No worries about jockeying for position on the sand; the seven beach villas are situated so that you may not see another guest for the duration of your stay.


Cayo Espanto

Casa Olita

1,500+ square feet villa with private dock, private plunge pool, walled garden and alfresco showers.

Cayo Espanto

Casa Manana

1,500 square feet ocean front villa with private dock and private plunge pool.

Cayo Espanto

Casa Brisa

1,200 square feet with private plunge pool, veranda and dock.

Cayo Espanto

Casa Solana

1,500+ square feet villa with expansive veranda, dining area and private infinity plunge pool.

Cayo Espanto

Casa Estrella

2,600 square feet two-story villa with private plunge pool and alfresco shower.

Cayo Espanto

Casa Aurora

2,100 square feet villa with the large private plunge pool, personal decks and private dock.

Cayo Espanto

Casa Ventanas

1,100 square feet over-the-water bungalow surrounded on all sides by the Caribbean Sea at the end of a private dock.


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Cayo Espanto

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