Villa Brescia

Villa Brescia , Argentina

The Villa Brescia Hotel is located in the heart of Ushuaia on San Martin Avenue, the main commercial and tourist area.

The owners of Villa Brescia are a family that has lived on the Isle for more than 40 years. They all work together to make your stay a unique and unforgettable experience.

Hotel facilities include 47 rooms (7 standards, 40 superiors) and restaurant. Room amenities include Cable TV, minibar, hair dryer, safe, free wi-fi, room service, laundry service. American breakfast buffet included.


Villa Brescia


Villa Brescia


Hotel Facilities

  •  47 rooms (7 standards, 40 superiors)
  •  Buffet American breakfast
  •  Room service with additional cost
  •  Sommiers
  •  Amenities
  •  Cable TV
  •  Private bathroom
  •  Tourist information
  •  Elevator
  •  DDN, DDI phones
  •  Minibar
  •  Free wi fi
  •  Laundry service with additional cost
  •  Medical emergency service
  •  Luggage storage
  •  Safe
  •  Half-board service
  •  Located downtown
  •  Owner managed



Villa Brescia

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