All Morocco Itineraries

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    Palaces of Morocco

    Why are you waiting to go on a walk on the Sahara Desert Dunes? Experience the exotic Marrakesh culture by visiting different towns on this 10-night trip.

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    Highlights of Morocco Tour

    Discover the rich culture and complex history that make Morocco a cauldron for the senses.

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    Morocco : Marrakech, Essaouira and Atlas Mountains Tour

    An introductory adventure to a completely different culture. Enjoy 8 nights at this amazing destination and discover why you will need to come back for more.

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    Imperial Cities of Morocco Tour

    Hear the spirit of the country, explore the foothills of the mountains and immerse yourself in a culture of colors, flavors, and history.

Travel Tips
Some hotels will let you use their facilities (gym, spa, pool, beach, etc.) for a reduced day pass. This can be great for layovers!
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